Friday, October 8, 2010


Ok, a couple of these aren't that bad. But some of these are definitely gremlin-to-goddess style transformations. (Yes, I just coined that phrase. It's patented. I did it just now, on my iPhone. It's in my pocket. You just said it? Oh, you owe me 50 cents.)


via chinasmack

Please, please click through to see the rest. Most of them seem to rely on opening their eyes REALLY wide after putting on their crazy contacts that make your pupils bigger. They're outlawed in the US. Yes, I said outlawed. They've been big in Asia for quite awhile, and I guess they came over here a few years ago since the NYTimes featured an article about them in July.

Even Michelle Phan showed us how to use them! I don't want to love her but I do. Sincerely.

(PS I don't know why the embed code isn't working, but click the last link to see the video for how to do the Lady Gaga wide-eyed look when she's in the bathtub)

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  1. Your blog is off to quite a start! Keep posting Susan!