Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Black opera gloves = ACQUIRED

united bamboo gloves

United Bamboo is having a sample sale to benefit Japan and tsunami victims! Check out the Racked report (which is mostly correct, although the shoes I saw cost way more than they said, and are the same as pictured) for details. I stopped by after work and ended up getting these black leather elbow-length gloves! All the proceeds are going to charity, and that sort of pushed me over the edge when it came to deciding whether or not I really need black leather elbow-length gloves at this particular point in the season. But they'll be perfect when I finally get my Burberry trench cape! And maybe there'll be a cold spell in May when I get to go to see Die Walk├╝re!

If you click over to the Racked account, you can see some pics of the cat clothes from the calendar!

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