Thursday, March 17, 2011

One day China will rule the world...

future royal family

But today might not be the day. Guangdong Enterprises is one of about a bajillion factories in China that mass produce stuff Wal-Mart sells, and they've come out with this special edition mug featuring Prince William and his future bride, Kate Middleton. Except instead of a picture of William (the bald one), there's a picture of Harry (the smug, smarmy one).

Maybe once Kate becomes royalty, she'll have the power to do something about the thin little wisps of hair left on William's head.


  1. A) I didn't realize Harry was a ginger.

    B) I can't tell what is ornate about the detailing. Someone explain!

  2. I always thought Harry was the "good looking one". Don't forget to set your DVR. The Lifetime movie about Will & Kate airs April 18. Oooooooooh!