Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is how New Yorkers live.

We make space for our Shrinky-dink art. We store laundry in our stoves (or fridges, in my cousin's case). We store bananas in the toaster ovens.

I actually once went to see and almost rented a place even smaller, if you can imagine it. It was very similar in layout but with a much smaller closet and the ladder to the bed stuck out too much, so you couldn't use that space for anything really. There wasn't even enough room for a desk and a chair. Her space is downright luxurious for her $700 rent, honestly. I mean this is New York! The space I looked at had a little tiny stove (quite the fire hazard in a space that small) and didn't have a bathroom; it was down the hall and you share with the three others on the hall. It was also right near Lincoln Center and that side of Central Park.

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