Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Damn you, Google

What will it be? Will it be fun?

This Google Offers video is so sweet and catchy, and (might I add) totally false.

I just got my first Google Offer in the email and it's 50% off at Pommes Frites. That's great, I can't wait to go to the trouble of buying online, printing my coupon at work after everyone's gone home, then somehow remembering to bring it with me AND redeem it on a late-night drunken visit to Pommes Frites while I stage-whisper in front of the staff that I know truffles are really expensive but I actually HATE them and it's so gross they've put them into a sauce, it might as well be CILANTRO which makes me PUKE. It'll be worth it to save $2.

The song made me wonder, "will [these offers] transport me to space?" They're not even motivating me to transport myself via subway to the East Village. This offer has been done by Groupon, Scoutmob, BuyWithMe and Yippit, and half the time you can get them for free at Burp Castle anyway!

I'm so disappointed.


  1. first offer here was $4 off donuts. weeeee? I hope they are just starting slow. I dunno.

  2. I am going to start a food blog and call it "Cilantro and Truffles."
    Subtitle: "A celebration of green and brown."