Thursday, March 1, 2012

Elves, overnight

I sometimes dream of a world in which I have only "nice" things, with "nice" meaning beautifully crafted, lovingly handmade yet classically stylish items which will last me a lifetime, no matter how my style changes and evolves.

That will never happen, for better or for worse, because as Cliff Kuang pointed out in this Social Media Week panel, "I'm not going to buy my computer on Etsy." It's a good point; I don't care to know the sad backstory of the children who lost their eyesight making my amazing $6 set of Forever21 bangles, nor will I be wearing neons and gold spikes until I retire.

But at any rate, what I really wanted to share was this amazing story of Oak Street Bootmakers, found via A Continuous Lean, via Jay.

I'm amazed by the work that goes into each shoe, and it makes them seem so much more valuable knowing the time and effort that's put in.

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