Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Longs for tenderness..."

I just took the ColorQuiz, and apparently I "long for tenderness and sensitivity of feeling."

The quiz is basically one step: click on the color that makes you feel the most comfortable. As you click on each one, it disappears, and you click the next one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

And then you wait a couple of minutes and do it again, without necessarily trying to replicate the order in which you did it before.

Then you get multiple pages of really melancholy results:

Maybe my office job is too physically taxing. Maybe I should get a BackJoy because I REFUSE to sit on a ball and be a new age hippie.

Well this is true. But isn't it true for everyone? And if you think it's not true, imagine yourself at work for a few moments and then reconsider.

Harumph. I may have had my 30th birthday already but I wouldn't call my vitality "depleted" just yet!

This is actually a version of what I yell at my boyfriend every time we have a fight.

Meh. I wouldn't call myself "burdened." But finally.....

I do have good taste. I'm not sure about longing for tenderness and a sensitivity of feeling though; that sounds a little too Downton Abbey to me. Disclaimer: I have never seen Downton Abbey.

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