Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Thing of Beauty

The United Bamboo Cat Calendar finally arrived in the mail!


There are a ton of cute cat pictures in there, and they're all wearing little cat-sized versions of United Bamboo runway styles. This year's calendar was way more expensive, but they've put a lot more photos and it's a lot nicer than last year's. The back of each calendar page has more pics of the cat sans clothes and the clothes laid out beside them. The only horrible thing is that they add a bunch of information about the individual cats, including made-up pet peeves.
Pet Peeve: Radley's pet peeve is the litter box. He thinks his poo may chase him - he doesn't understand it's not alive. So he runs out fast after doing his bizness and does circles around the apt to make sure no Mr. Hanky is following.

Luckily all that is on the back, so I can pretend it's not there. If I have to read it again, I might throw up.

It is very beautifully embossed, though.


Don't get this calendar if you actually need to know which day is which. It's mostly just an excuse for people like me (i.e. grumpy, sarcastic, dismissive of all things cutesy) to hang pictures of cats on the wall. "It's fashionable! It's United Bamboo! What, you don't know them? Oh, I see. Well that's ok, the Gap is innovative too. What, you can't read it? The numbers aren't clear? That's because it's couture, darling." /scoff

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