Friday, January 21, 2011


I do NOT know what happened during this photo shoot for W's "Best Performances" spread, but wow. And why? But wow.


If they had put on a bit of pale foundation, this would have been an awesome funny-fat-guy-as-sexy-vampire shot. This is not really how I want to picture Jonah Hill, if I picture him at all. Which... I don't?


I don't know, I think we sort of expect this from Helena Bonham Carter at this point, but I don't like that you can see her belly button. Navel outline is how you know you've gotten too fat for your body-con dresses. I know from experience. /single tear

all via Fashionista

It's Mark Ruffalo and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! Ole! This picture has all the ironic appeal of those airbrushed faux-metal three-wolves-howling-at-moon t-shirts that hipster girls like to wear over their leggings-as-pants. It's kind of like a velvet Elvis, except that instead of the velvet background, the velvet is Mark Ruffalo's furry chest. (PS please click the shirt link, because there are some amazing Amazon reviews there)

Speaking of leggings-as-pants, one time I saw a girl doing tights as pants. But they weren't black opaque ones, they were sheer white pantyhose. WHITE.


  1. Solid gold... this might be your funniest and insightful post yet!

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