Monday, February 21, 2011

One day they will have turbans in Target...

zoe report

me:  dude
that lady in the pic looked so creepy
i so don't want a turban if i'm going to look all new agey
like i sold my soul to have the soft skin of a baby for life

nicole:  it looks gypsy meets old woman meets cancer patient meets sikh
i'm just annoyed by trends like this because eventually
it won't be trendy
it will just be something everyone wears
and that scares me
one day they will have turbans in target
maybe part of me is scared that i will like it one day

me:  hahahaha
i feel like a turban says 'i've given up'
or 'i've given up but i want to masquerade as fashionable, so i'm wearing something obscure with big sunglasses and heels, so that means it's fashionable'

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