Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion Week Feb. 2011

The Row: RIDIC.


My sister told me once that if you find a thing you love that's sort of not your style or more over the top than you usually wear, you have to wear it every day for a week. Then it becomes your Thing. Then it's your style. I'd like to do that with each of these monstrous squirrel hats. I LOVE THEM.


Same with this hat.

The Row Fall Lookbook 11

Ok, all that said, I did love a lot of parts of The Row's show, but I don't really get their sock choice. Even the models without those weird scrunchy socks look like they have cankles, and I'm willing to bet my entire savings account (i.e. my Target piggy bank) that they don't have fat ankles in real life.

Suno: must mix prints!


I love Suno's clothes this season, and I can't wait to incorporate some crazy print mixing in my summer wardrobe. And apparently the inspiration was old people. I've always loved dressing like an old lady!



The only thing I didn't love was the shoes. I mean I love them, but I find it impossible to walk in anything with a wood heel. Platforms just make it worse. And what happened with the model on the left? She looks like she just woke up after passing out after a massive bender. Bad lighting?

Phillip Lim: color!


I love Phillip Lim's use of color for this coming season! Pantone announced honeysuckle as the Color of the Year, and I was so confused (I was picturing a really gorgeous pale yellow/green). I love how Lim's used it with the cobalt and emerald as pops of color on a neutral/black palette. But one thing I'm confused about: do those shoes have heels? I think they got Photoshopped out of some of the shots!


Check out the details! The models have blue toenails and these awesome half-moon manicures!

Zero + Maria Cornejo: I want to wear everything


Apparently we're wearing hoods next fall. A few other shows had some hoods too but I didn't like them so I can't remember which ones. I love most of the things that Maria Cornejo does, especially after seeing her at the New Yorker Festival talk this past spring.


Far right is my ideal outfit: architectural yet flattering black wool jacket, warm caramel leather leggings, and a patterned skirt/dress over to hide my fat tummy (because in this ideal situation, I just ate a big dinner). And I love the bracelet in the detail shot! I once wore something very similar but instead of horsehair fringe, it was rabbit fur.


This is just something/someone nice to look at when you're down.

Alexander Wang: no comment


I actually didn't love a lot of the looks at Alexander Wang as much as I usually do, but I did like the use of fur and the silhouettes. But the coolest part was this blending thing he did, from knit to leather or satin or whatever woven fabric is incorporated. It fuzzes from knit to felt to leather/woven! Check the details!


Altuzarra: I wish for fall.


Every morning, I wake up and wish for the snow to be all melted and for it to be at least 10 degrees warmer than the day before. Altuzarra actually makes me wish for fall again, because I can't wait to wear these outfits! I love the argyle, love the fur, love the idea of wearing something super thin and clingy with a big furry parka over.


I also want to copy a version of the makeup at the show!

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