Monday, April 18, 2011

Peep this peep show

It's a testament to my mom's perseverance in enforcing the no-sugar rule when I was a kid that I have never to this day eaten a Peep. They freak me out. Except when they're sacrificing each other. That, I love!

peep sacrifice

peep jobs

peeping beauty

These three pics are from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, but they took the slideshow down before I could link to it! There are Peep diorama contests each year in a few cities, and some of the entries are amazingly detailed.

peeps synchronized

This one's from the Washington Post peep show! I think I like the concept of the synchronized swimming the best, but I love the saturated colors of the photo for the sacrificial one.

Happy Easter! This post is probably the extent of my celebration.

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