Thursday, May 26, 2011

Take a risk

Remember those awesome Gap Design Editions (by Pierre Hardy) high-heeled desert boots? They were $200 and I guess those heady days of manically visiting every Gap in Manhattan to get them (not that I did that. ahem) are over, because they're now on sale for $60.

gap design editions shoes

I tried them on in the store and they're pretty awesome, although very high. The risk in the title is referring to the broken ankles and humongous bunions I'll get if I try to wear these on a regular basis. They're not like the first Pierre Hardy for Gap boots, which featured a super high heel in preview pics but were actually very wearable in real life.

gap suede boot

I totally have these.

Risk number two: white jeans. Should I do it?

white jeggings

And if I do, should they be..... JEGGINGS?

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