Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jcrew Spring 2012

I'm kind of late with this post, but Jcrew had that special access pass awhile ago to pre-order their new spring stuff. Here are their style predictions for spring:

1. Sweaty pits

I adore the middle and right-side shorts and bags. But I don't quite get why the models are wearing shorts and open-toe pumps with three layers minimum on top! I can't imagine having the volume of a tank, shirt, sweater, then jacket on top when my legs are totally bare. The Sartorialist just posted something about this very issue, although he favors the imbalance in the name of fashion, and feels it's still practical since our lives usually involve a variety of environments and temperatures during a day. That's true, but personally I like a slightly more even temperature from head to toe.  Moving on to...

2. The Half Tuck


I am all for the half tuck, and have been rocking it for quite awhile! The difference with these shots is partly in the pretty pastels and partly in the sheer volume of the shirt that's being halfly tucked. Also, I generally find that for me, it doesn't work with high-waisted things like the two skirts, because I feel like it draws too much attention to my frontal crotchal region. Next up...

3. Big Pants


I love shots like these, but they also depress the shit out of me. I am a grown-ass woman with a grown-ass woman's ass, and my pants do not look like this when I wear them. Flowy pants just don't work for me. The pants on the right don't even look like the right size for the model! I also think that only the thinnest of women can wear the middle look, big pants AND big shirt, and not look like a short, squat tent.

Speaking of squat, please, please click on this link to Simon Doonan's story, the Fear of Squat, at The Moth. It's an amazing tale of love, betrayal, guilt, and jazzercise. Which leads us to....

4. Mumsy


How much skirt is too much? It's the eternal question. If you go too far, sometimes even sparkles can't bring you back. The paisley skirt looks like it's a snake eating its prey. And the middle look is like some sort of cross between a doctor's coat and a kaftan.

What do you think? Will you draw any inspiration from these looks?

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