Friday, March 16, 2012

Rip it

Everyone knows Forever 21 consistently rips off other designers. But what impresses me is the sheer variety of designers they copy. For example, the Charming Lady Hinge necklace and the Ballerina Bunny necklace are all pretty much ripoffs of Servane Gaxotte, a brand I would never, ever have heard of if I didn't love Kisan's free vodka so much!

I can't say I'd actually spend $400+ on the real Servane Gaxotte necklaces, but they're gorgeous in person, vs. the Forever 21 ones which are basically crap even in the pics on their site. I love Forever 21, don't get me wrong, but man. At least rip off huge designers that have nothing to lose! These are designs that Forever 21's audience would never guess were taken from someone else.

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