Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out: SUNO/Minx manicure!

After asking about 7 Saks salespeople where to go and after 45 minutes of waiting, I finally got my SUNO/Minx manicure!

Minx manicure on a gorgeous Theory coat
I chose this great Hawaiian-style print:

But I was also really tempted by this one the girl next to me got. Those are little people on the nails!

The process was a bit more involved than I thought it would be. The stickers heat up under a lamp while they buff your nails to be a little more smooth. Then they stick them on really carefully, use tiny scissors to trim away the extra bits, and let it sit for a few minutes while they do your entire hand. The sticker ends get filed off on the end of your nail. 

My hands were totally burning under the heat of that lamp!

Otherwise, Fashion's Night Out this year was pretty much a wash. Too many people, no sales, no free stuff and almost no free food. There's usually drinks and cupcakes at a bare minimum! I waited forever to get this manicure and I showed up half an hour early. Next year, I'm renting a movie and making my own damn cupcakes.


  1. Saw your comment on Racked. Cute post. Sorry you didn't have a better night. Have you tried the Sally Hansen version of these?

    1. I tried the Sally Hansen version and they looked great, but they were so hard to get off! They have great designs though; I tried the denim!

    2. I spent most of my night at Alexis Bittar and had a great time. I just wrote up a post on my blog. I have the plaid design from Sally Hansen but I'm still saving it for a special occasion. Good to know about it being hard to get off though.