Sunday, September 16, 2012

I can see myself in my nails

I've been wanting to do really metallic nails but I don't have the time or willpower to do something complicated with metallic foil, and the metallics I bought last year at Sephora were sparkly, but not really the flat shine I was looking for. Then I found this Essie polish, No Place Like Chrome.

Look how shiny! My hands are like Tin Man hands! My afternoon conversation with Raymond was a series of variations of this:

Me: Look! My hands look like a robot! Do I look like a robot? Do I look like the Tin Man? Can you see yourself in my nails? 
Raymond: (Staring at TV) You look amazing, baby. Come on, Eli!!!! 

Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans, Aritzia short-sleeve sweatshirt
The couples' massage we had today was great; the oil/lotion stuff they used on my hands rubbed off all the mistakes I made while painting my nails this morning. The massage was the second-to-last celebration of my birthday this past Friday (with the last being the cupcake from Billy's Bakery we had afterward). 

My nails match the subway!

The best part about this polish: it dries so fast, I put on a pair of jeans five minutes after painting it on and didn't get any smudges!

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