Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cry, baby. Cry!

James Van Der Beek has put up the most awesome Tumblr mocking the famous meme of him crying when Joey broke up with him/Dawson. The most horrible part of this is realizing that it was 10 YEARS AGO and my life is basically THIS CLOSE to half over and I'm doomed to spend my years of retirement homeless in the gutter because I've lived my life like the grasshopper, not the ant. The best part is finally knowing how to pronounce meme.

[funnyordie id=2fbe5df820 width=512 height=328]

Baby Face

No You Didn't

Baby Face


In Da Club/Hide Yo Kids

I'm so glad that I now have a few more images in my head for the numerous times I picture James Van Der Beek. Previously it was that scene from Varsity Blues when his forehead is in top form and that girl has whipped cream on her and it seems so gross and sticky and full of lactose. I mean, the cream is full of lactose. Not... anything else. i.e. her boobs. I meant the cream. Retract!

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