Friday, February 18, 2011

Ode to My Father

Dear Daddy, thank you for making me help you around the house all the time. I'm thinking specifically of that time I was about 12 and I lost one of my hard contacts down the kitchen sink and we sat there for an hour taking apart all the pipes underneath to find it (it cost $60!).

Also, thanks to Mr. nterpri who posted this helpful video:

Thanks to them, I unclogged our bathroom sink drain by taking it apart a little bit.

fixing the bathroom sink drain


fixing the bathroom sink drain

double ick.

fixing the bathroom sink drain

triple ick.

That's what was clogging our drain. For the past year I've been pouring Draino (and whatever store brand version of Draino I could find) down the pipes and it just keeps getting worse. Then I was thinking maybe it's not safe to go through as much of that clog remover as we do, so I pulled out this book on natural cleaning that my cousins gave me. It said to use baking soda and vinegar, then wait awhile and pour boiling water down the drain. I put in the soda and vinegar and waited the 15 minutes, and then it was super clogged. Like, going nowhere fast.

I plunged, and plunged again. That was pretty disgusting, and it didn't work either. So I called my dad, but he was at work. I had to move on to Youtube. I watched the video, did it on our sink, cut and refashioned a wire hanger to pull out the clog (chopsticks were too short!), and voila. A gross mass of hair and goo. And a sink that drains!

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