Friday, May 11, 2012

Inspiration: Elmery

Being the owner of a small business can be so daunting whether it's your full-time gig or something on the side. To keep yourself going, it's so important to stay in touch with others doing similar work and learn from their stories. I found Seowyee Loh on Etsy one day and ended up going to her site and finding this really inspiring video about her and her work. I love her aesthetic and focus, and it reminds me that focusing my own line is one of my short-term goals and I need to get on it!

It's also interesting that this video was to promote Levi's Curve ID jeans, because it was thrown in there a little randomly. How does her butt size have to do with her work?

Side note: oh, to be a Slight or Demi curve! I could buy pants at Zara or H&M! At American Eagle! Anywhere! Instead, I am Bold. I shake my fist at you, butt.

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