Monday, May 21, 2012

The Mindy Project

I hate shows like Hart of Dixie where a tiny, cute/funny/adorable girl is completely miscast as a doctor, which isn't to say that girls like that can't be doctors. It's more to say that Rachel Bilson does not "act" doctor very well.

Mindy Kaling also seems nothing like a doctor, but at least this trailer makes it seem like there's enough funny stuff in this show to distract from that fact, and possibly even make up for it. Look at all those sequins she wears! (No, that wasn't sarcastic.) I can't wait to watch!

P.S. I do not actually hate Hart of Dixie. Despite its completely unreal presentation of small town South: those horrible accents, the fact that everyone on the show seems to be a secret country star, and the fact that a black man is mayor of a small town in the South when he is one of a minority population of two (three if you count the Asian); in spite of all those things, it's one of my favorite shows to listen to while I'm knitting/sewing/dyeing. I marvel at Lemon's ability to wear unsmudgable dark lipstick! I loved Annabet's Anthropologie dress! And I secretly wish that growing up in a small town was something, anything like that show instead of the pure social torture it is in real life.

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